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BROWARD: 954-370-7778
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How do you dry clean carpet?

Dry cleaning carpet is similar to dry cleaning clothing. Dry cleaning means that, primarily, solvents rather than water are used. In the case of your clothes, they are “wet” with a dry cleaning solution called perchloroethane. After cleaning, your clothing must be allowed to dry.

Perchloroethane cannot be used on your carpet but other environmentally friendly solvents can be. First your carpets are thoroughly vacuumed to remove dust, sand, pet hair and other particulate soil. Then the dry cleaning solution is sprayed on your carpet a section at a time and allowed to sit for 3-6 minutes. During this time, the dry cleaning solution, Ultra Dry, emulsifies soils in preparation for their removal. A highly absorbent cleaning pad is immersed in a heated solution call Ultra Catalyst. The excess is wrung out so that the pad is damp and very hot. This hot treated pad is spun on the carpet with a floor machine to absorb the Ultra Dry and suspended soils. The Ultra Catalyst increases the attraction between the pad and the soil suspended by the Ultra Dry. The heat of the pad also increases cleaning power. Additionally Ultra Catalyst and Ultra Dry provide deodorizing action for mild odor problems.

Dry cleaning carpet is safe, neat, and returns your carpet to use in 1-3 hours.

Can I walk on my carpet immediately?

It usually takes from 1-3 hours for the Ultra Dry to completely evaporate out of the carpet. It is recommended that walking on the carpet be kept to a minimum during this time. While the carpet is damp, soil on the bottom of shoes can be easily deposited on the carpet. In addition, the carpet has been groomed to enhance drying speed. Walking on the carpet crushes the pile and can slow drying.

However, if it is necessary to walk on the carpet during the drying period, we recommend wearing a pair of socks, not shoes. The socks will not mark the carpets and will provide slip resistance when walking from damp carpet to hard surface floors such as tile.

Does dry cleaning really get the deep down dirt?

All cleaning methods are designed to thoroughly clean the yarns of the carpet. Dry cleaning is no exception. Ultra Dry and Ultra Catalyst work together to provide deep cleaning all the way to the backing of your carpet.

However, neglect can allow soil to accumulate to the level where soil is pushed into the backing of the carpet and even below the carpet. Therefore, it is recommended that carpets be cleaned regularly to prevent this excessive build up of soil.

Will all the stains come out?

Most soils and spots are removed by cleaning with Ultra Dry. Some spots and stains will require treatment with specialty cleaners to completely remove them. We cannot guarantee, however, that all spots and stains will be removed.

Some stains have permanently added color to the carpet. Removal of the colored stain would also remove the color of the carpet. Other stains remove carpet color such as chlorine bleach. Cleaning does not restore color.

Rest assured that our technicians have been trained on and equipped with, the latest stain removal techniques and products available. If a stain is determined to be permanent, they will discuss other options with you such as replacing the stained section of the carpet with a section obtained from a left over piece or from an unseen area of a closet.

Our goal is to help you maintain your carpet in as close to new condition as possible.

Won't my carpets get dirty faster once I clean them?

In a word, no. The reason why some have experienced rapid re-soiling is not due to cleaning the carpet, but rather to inferior carpet cleaning systems that leave a residue of detergents in the carpet which attract and hold soil. Continued use of these inferior systems increase the rate of re-soiling and can cause the soils to reach saturation levels that ruin the appearance of your carpet.

Dry-Concepts leaves no soil attracting residues behind. Therefore, you may clean your carpets without worrying that you may be shortening its life. Dry-Concepts leaves your carpets feeling soft and smelling fresh.

How often should I clean my carpet?

The E.P.A. recommends cleaning your carpet a minimum of once a year. However, E.P.A. studies show that environmental conditions can increase the frequency of needed cleanings. Factors such as location of your home, humidity, pets, and children can create the need to clean your carpets as often as every two to three months.

Your technician can recommend a cleaning schedule to fit your needs. Dry-Concepts has a Carpet Appearance Maintenance Program designed to help you maintain your carpet in like-new condition for many years..

My pets have soiled my carpet. Will dry cleaning eliminate the odor?

Simple pet odors are often eliminated by Dry-Concepts cleaning. However, odors from urine, vomit, or feces, require special treatment. Usually these body fluids have penetrated the carpet backing and cushion. Dry-Concepts offers several levels of treatment from applications of specialized deodorizers, up to removal and replacement of contaminated carpet cushion and sealing of sub-floor. Dry-Concepts will provide a treatment that fits both your needs and your budget.

Doesn't dry cleaning have a strong odor?

The solvents that make up Ultra Dry have very little odor by themselves. A pleasant lemon scent has been added to leave your house smelling fresh and clean.

Will my carpets still be stain resistant after cleaning?

Ultra Dry has been specially formulated to comply with the requirements set out by carpet manufacturers. Mill applied stain resistance is unaffected by our cleaning. Most mills warranty stain resistance for a period of five years. We suggest that you contact your retailer or carpet mill if there are any stains that cannot be removed from your carpet within the warranty period.

Dry-Concepts can apply Fluorosolve fiber protection both during and after your carpet’s warranty period to make your carpet more resistant to staining and re-soiling.

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