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BROWARD: 954-370-7778
PALM BEACH/DADE: 1-800-248-5071

Disinfecting with Electrostatic Spraying Technology


The Electrostatic Advantage

Protexus sprayers are superior to any other sprayer, mister or fogger. This cutting-edge system combines electrostatic delivery with advanced battery technology that empowers our staff to effectively disinfect more thoroughly.

360˚ Coverage Cleans Around Curved & Hard To Reach Surfaces

Electrostatic Sprayers - Cleans and Disinfects 360

Electrostatic charged droplets create a field in the spray plume that is magnetically drawn to any surface within 6 feet. With an attraction coefficient 15 times greater than gravity, the electrostatic force field is so powerful the plume reverses direction to coat hidden and hard to reach surfaces that would typically be missed by conventional spraying or misting equipment.*

Unlike other systems, the Protexus sprayer’s unique threetiered applicator nozzle is easily adjusted to change droplet size, accommodating any product’s labeling requirement. This fine-tuning capability provides unmatched flexibility – ensuring consistent performance and versatility.

Improved Process For A Superior Outcome

Protexus - COVID infection control

Electrostatic spraying brings infection control to a new level of effectiveness and efficiency. Designed for maximum flexibility, Electrostatic sprayers are easily adaptable to any protocol – different spray modes, saturation levels or specifications – making it ideal for any situation or environment.

Electrostatic Spraying Benefits

Increase Performance – More surface coverage, more consistent.

Application – Covering hard to reach areas

Electrostatic sprayers revolutionize infection control programs for a wide range of industries including hospitality, education, day care, food service, building management, and residential homes + many more! 

How Does Electrostatic Delivery Work?

Protexus electrostatic delivery technology - infectious diseases

Electrostatic delivery technology is a revolutionary approach to infectious disease protection and sanitization. Here’s how it works: the electrostatic process atomizes the cleaning product with high-pressurized air. The droplets pass an electrode inside the nozzle creating a magnetically charged spray that seeks out and wraps around all touch points and grounded room surfaces.


Electrostatic Spray Wraps Around Door Edges 

Electrostatic Sprayers - Disinfect Doors








Allows Pin Point Application of Disinfectant  

Disinfect Applications











Versatile to Allow All Areas to be Treated  

Electrostatic Sprayers













Safe on a Variety of Surfaces 

Disinfection Services - Florida











Wrap Around Disinfection for the Most Important Places

Disinfection services residential and commercial properties in central and south FL











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